Fleet Headquarters (FH)

Fleet Headquarters (FH)

The Hellenic Navy today:

The Hellenic fleet is the spearhead of Greek naval power and  one of the three major Naval Administrations named FLEET HEADQUARTERS (FH). The fleet is commanded by the Chief Admiral of the Fleet, whose headquarters are located in Salamis Naval Base at Salamina island near Athens. When circumstances require the Chief Admiral transfers his headquarters onboard warships and commands from the front line.


The Fleet as a means of preventing any malicious action and protect national interests, is always in constant vigilance in order to:

  • Guarantee our territorial integrity.
  • Ensure our sovereignty in the Hellenic seas.
  • Maintain open sea lines for communication and trade.
  • Help maintain the high morale of the extensive coastal and island population.
  • Participate in the state's social   work in case of a disaster caused by natural events or other unforeseen circumstances.
  • To contribute in search and rescue (SAR) incidents.
  • The Navy in order to carry out its mission in the best possible way, has different types of ships. The need for the existence of various ship types is dictated by today's naval operations complexity.