Hellenic Navy hosts Multinational Minehunting Exercise ‘ARIADNE 22’

Hellenic Navy hosts Multinational Minehunting Exercise ‘ARIADNE 22’

Mar 19, 2022

    From Monday 7th to Friday 18th 2022, the multinational Exercise “ARIADNE 22’’, was held in the area of the North Cretan Sea, with the participation of units of the Hellenic Navy and the Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group Two / SNMCMG2.

    HN participated in “ARIADNE 22” with:

  • the Frigate “KOUNTOURIOTIS” as flagship of the Hellenic Mine Warfare Commander, Captain A. Spanos HN.
  • the Minehunters “EVROPI”, “EVNIKI” and “KALYPSO”.
  • the Gunboat “NAVMACHOS”
  • an AB-212 helicopter of the Hellenic Navy Aviation Command.
  • a mine hunting/disposal team of the Hellenic Navy Special Forces Command.

    In addition, assets and personnel from allied-friend countries participated as follows:

  • The SNMCMG2 ships:
  • Minehunter “FGS BAD RAPPENAU” from Germany.
  • Patrol ship “ESPS METEORO” and Minehunter “ESPS SELLA” from Spain.
  • Minehunter “ITS GAETA” from Italy.
  • An Autonomous Underwater Vehicle – AUV from Belgium with a four-member controling team.
  • Personnel from Bulgaria on the Staff.
  • Observer officers from Egypt and the United Arab Emirates.

    ARIADNE is an INVITEX (Invitation to an Exercise), held on annual basis, focusing on the implementation of mine warfare procedures, techniques and countermeasures to deal with a wide range of types of mines, under realistic conditions and in a multi-threat environment.

    The planning and execution of the Exercise, was carried out in accordance with HNDGS’s framework of international cooperations of the Hellenic Armed Forces, aiming to the enhancement of the operational readiness, interoperability and  cooperation level among the participants.