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    Inspired from the bravery of Greeks at the naval battle of Salamine, the crest of the ship portrays the helmet that brought Greek and a trireme, the martial boat of ancient Greeks. According to Thoukididis, it was manufactured for first time in the Corinthus, the 704 p.H. roughly. From each side had three lines from oars, a line above the other, two sails and a piston in the prow. It was boat agile and his speed it reached the 8 miles the hour.

  • Builder Company: ROYAL SCHELDE - HOLLAND
    Start building: 3 October 1977
    Launched: 11 August 1979
    Activation: 2 December 1981
    Rise of Greek Flag: 24 October 2003

    Length (m): 130,5
    Beam (m): 14,60
    Draught: 6,5m
    Tonnage: 3500 t.
    Speed: 32 Knots
    Crew: 189

  • History

    Commissioned in Hellenic Navy: 24 October 2003 – Den Helder Holland

    Previously commissioned in other navies: 2-12-1981 until 24-10-2003 Koninkljke Marine (Holland).

    13-1-2005 until 31-7-2005 Standing NATO Response Force Maritime Group 2 (SNMG2)

    In recognition of the great Athenian politician, general and admiral, THEMISTOCLES (525- 461B.C.) and his bravery during the victorious naval battle of Salamis (480 B.C.) against the Persians, the Hellenic Navy ever since 1821 named five ships after him. The first two were modified merchant ships which participated in the Independence War against the Ottoman Empire. The third ship was an Escort Destroyer (D-09), which was transferred from the Royal Navy in 1942, during WW II and was returned in 1961. The fourth ship was an American Destroyer of the GEARING FRAM II Class (D-210), which was commissioned between 1971 and 1992. The last one was an American Destroyer of the C.F. ADAMS Class (D-221), which was commissioned in 1992 and remained in service until 2002.

  • HS THEMISTOKLIS is called to undertake missions that are described below depending on the case:


    - Maintenance high of operational readiness
    - Monitoring of National Marine Space
    - Research-rescue and benefit of help in situations of emergency
    - Attendance in inter-allied exercises and missions in the frames of forces of direct intervention aiming at the maintenance of International peace and safety


    - Naval presence, projection of force and demonstration of Greek Flag
    - Attendance in activities/enterprises that serve the National interest.


    - Maintenance of safety and marine control of Greek territorial waters
    - Protection of Greek rights and interests
    - Attendance in the defence of NATO

    Mission-attendance In International Exercises

    Attendance in big enterprises: 13-1-2005 until 31-7-2005 Attendance in the force Standing NATO Response Force Maritime Group 2 (SNMG2)

    COMMANDER V. PAPPAS 24/10/2003 15/03/2005
    CAPTAIN V. PAPPAS 16/03/2005 05/07/2005
    COMMANDER A. KARATZAS 06/07/2005 20/12/2006
    COMMANDER S. BANOS 21/12/2006 14/07/2008
    COMMANDER D. SATARAKIS 15/07/2008 05/08/2009
    COMMANDER G. KAMPOURAKIS 06/08/2009 12/08/2010
    COMMANDER A. TRIVLIDIS 13/08/2010 17/08/2011
    COMMANDER K. KARAMPELAS 18/08/2011 31/07/2013
    COMMANDER S. DIMOPOULOS 01/08/2013 16/03/2014
    CAPTAIN S. DIMOPOULOS 17/03/2014 31/08/2014
    COMMANDER N. LYMPERAKIS 01/09/2014 06/09/2015
    COMMANDER S. KARLATIRAS 07/09/2015 09/11/2016
    COMMANDER I. ATHANASOPOULOS 10/11/2016 17/07/2018
    CAPTAIN V. STATHOULIAS 18/07/2018 17/03/2020
    COMMANDER I. KOUSOULIS 18/03/2020 -
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