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    It is portrayed the hand of man that it keeps turned on torch with background Turkish boat, symbolizing further the flame of Greek soul that "gives the feyer" the Turkish drawings for sovereignty in the Aegean.

  • Dimensions: 130,5/14,6/6,2m
    Tonnage: 3.630 t.
    Main Machine: 2 RR Olympus 56.800 HR, 2 RR Tyne 10
    Speed: 30 knotsι
    Crew: 198

    It has been build in the ship yards Koninklijka Maatschappij de Schelde in the Vlissingen of Holland and it was included in the force of Dutch Navy on 16 May 1981. It was included in the Greek Martial Navy on 29 November 2002 with first Commanding Officer the Commander G. Giakoumakis H.N.

  • History 

    FFGH KANARIS (F 464) is the former HNLMS JAN VAN BRAKEL (F-825), launched on the 16th May 1981 at the ROYAL SHELDE shipyards in Holland and commissioned on the 14th April 1983. On the 29th of November 2002 she was acquired by the Hellenic Navy and was renamed "KANARIS", becoming the 8th Standard class frigate of the Hellenic fleet.The ship's name derives from the hero Konstantinos Kanaris, who participated gloriously in the Hellenic Revolution in 1821, serving the Navy. He was also one of the noble personalities of the Hellenic Revollution. Konstantinos Kanaris was born in 1790 in Psara Island and was initiated into the secrets of the navy since he was very young. The outbreak of the Revolution found him in Odessa as a captain of a merchant ship. Without any delay, he left his ship and enlisted himself in the A. Miaoulis and N. Apostolis fleets as a sailor. On the 6th of July 1822 at night, Konstantinos Kanaris set fire on the Turkish flagship at the harbor of Chios. The ship was sunk instantly, causing the loss of 2000 men of her crew, including the Turkish Admiral Pasha Kara-Ali. This particular action was considered to be a revenge for the Massacre of Chios Island by the Turks and so Konstandinos Kanaris became a National Hero who was admired all across Europe. Since then and till the end of Revolution Kanaris continued fighting without stopping and with great success as the captain and as the Commanding Officer of the frigate "HELLAS". After the end of war, he continued serving the Navy and he managed to reach the rank of Rear Admiral. Around 1844 he followed Political career serving as a Minister and a Prime Minister, while King George the 1st was ruling. He retired from politics in 1865. In 1877 he passed away and entered the pantheon of the glorious heroes of our Navy. FFGH Kanaris is the fifth war ship with this name. The first one, was a patrol boat, which was constructed in 1835 at Poros' Naval Port. The second one, was a supporting ship of the Fleet, which was bought in 1880 and was used as a Destroyer Command Ship. The third one, was an escort destroyer,Hunt III class, which was delivered by the British Navy in 1942 and was returned in 1959. The fourth one, was a fleet destroyer Gearing FRAM I class, which was constructed in 1945 and was bought by the American Navy in 1972. It was decommissioned in 1993.



    MISSION                                            FROM                                   UNTIL

    FOST                                             10-03-03                          27-03-03

    SWORDFISH 03                                08-04-03                         16-04-03

    SNMG-2                                            21-08-05                         11-12-05

    <<UNIFIL MAROPS>>                      17-11-06                          23-12-06

    SNMG-2                                            06-05-07                          12-10-07                               

     PASSEX ΜΕ SNMG-2                       22-02-10                          24-03-10

    SNMG-2                                            15-06-11                          25-07-11     

  • Former Commanding Officers  

    COMMANDER G. GIAKOYMAKIS 29-11-02 29-01-04
    COMMANDER S. DIMITRIOU 29-01-04 30-06-05
    COMMANDER G. MALFAS 30-06-05 10-01-07
    COMMANDER M. KONDIS 10-01-07 08-09-08
    COMMANDER G. AGRAFIOTIS 08-09-08 21-09-09
    COMMANDER I. KALOGEROPOULOS 21-09-09 24-01-11
    COMMANDER A. PAPADAKIS 24-01-11 12-05-12
    CAPTAIN A. PAPADAKIS 13-05-12 20-09-12
    COMMANDER P. PAPAGEORGIOU 21-09-12 01-05-14
    COMMANDER V. PAPALAMPROU 02-05-14 25-08-15
    COMMANDER I. ASTERIOU 25-08-15  
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