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    The Coast of Arms of F/G «AEGEAN» is the same with that of her predecessors. Represents a hand that keeps erected sword symbolizing the National sovereignty on the sea. The field is blue in his half above part department, while the rest consists of six undulate bands, azure and white alternately.

  • It has been built in the ship yards Koninklijka Maatschappij de Schelde in Vlissingen of Holland  and it was included in the force of Dutch navy on 29 October 1980.It was bought from the H.N. and the rise of Greek Flag became in the Helder of Holland on 14 May 1993, with first Commanding Officer the Commander Κ.Anastasato H.N. It sailed in Greece on 26 June of 1994.

  • History 

    F/G «AEGEAN» is the third F/G of type Standard that was acquired by the Hellenic Navy. The two previous are F/G «ELLI» and «LEMNOS». The name AEGEAN was given in regard of the significance of the AEGEAN SEA that for thousands of years is the connective ring between land and the east Greek islands. The ship was launchend in 13/07/1978 and put into operational use in 29/10/80 under the name «BANCKERT». In 1992, Hellenic Navy desided her bought, together with another two of the same type.The ship was delivered to Hellenic Navy in 14/5/93 and was renamed to HS «AEGEAN». H.S. AEGEAN is the fourth of the Hellenic Navy bearing the same name.The first AEGEAN was the ex German MV «HAGEN» that was constructed in 1906 and given to Hellenic Navy in 1920 behind the scenes of the amends of first WW. That ship stayed in operational use until 1935. It was used during the Νear East campaign as troopship and during peace as material transport ship and as naval guard ship. The second «AEGEAN» was the British Destoyer HMS «Lauderdale» of type Hunt II. This ship was constructed in 1941, was delivered in the Hellenic Navy on borrow in the 20-5-1946 and was returned to the British Navy in 18/12/1959. The third «AEGEAN» was the German Destroyer «Weser» A-62 of type Rhein. Ιt was constructed in 1963 and was granted to the Hellenic Navy in the frames of German help in 6/7/1976. It remained in the force of Greek Fleet up to the 13/06/1991 therefore, decommissioned. 

  • Special Missions / Enterprises

     The F/G «AEGEAN» has participated in two missions of multinational forces at the duration of crisis and war in the region of Bosnia-Serbia. The first period of participation of ship in enterprise SHARP GUARD was from 24/1/94 up to 28/3/94. During this period F/G «AEGEAN» executed enterprises of control and prohibition of marine transports to and from the wider region of Serbia-Bosnia. Were realised rummages and controls of commercial boats of going through each region of monitoring of boat. The second period of partiicipation of ship in enterprise DECISIVE ENHANCEMENT (IFOR) was from 14/3/96 up to 26/4/96. At this period executed patrols in sectors of north narrow Ortranto Straight, near the region of Bosnia. The F/G «AEGEAN» participated in NATO force of monitoring and safeguarding of terms of already signed treaty of peace, between the countries Bosnia and Serbia. 
    The ship participated in the permanent force Mediterranean SNFM from 19/8/02 until 09/1/03. At the duration of SNFM participated in enterprise ACTIVE ENDEAVOUR. 

    COMMANDER K. ANASTASATOS 14/05/1993 22/06/1995
    COMMANDER S. VITALIS 23/06/1995 16/03/1997
    CAPTAIN S. VITALIS 17/03/1997 17/08/1997
    COMMANDER I. DRITSAS 18/08/1997 15/09/1998
    CAPTAIN I. DRITSAS 16/09/1998 07/07/1999
    COMMANDER V. LEVENTIS 08/07/1999 22/07/2001
    COMMANDER N. KRYONERITIS 23/07/2001 20/03/2003
    CAPTAIN N. KRYONERITIS 21/03/2003 22/07/2003
    COMMANDER A. POULOS 23/07/2003 02/12/2004
    COMMANDER G. LEVENTIS 03/12/2004 14/09/2006
    COMMANDER N. LEMONIS 15/09/2006 20/01/2007
    COMMANDER I. KAMPOLIS 21/01/2007 25/01/2009
    COMMANDER A. PAPADATOS 26/01/2009 28/01/2010
    COMMANDER D. CHANIOTIS 29/01/2010 26/09/2010
    COMMANDER I. PARTSALIDIS 27/09/2010 13/10/2010
    COMMANDER CH. THYMIS 14/10/2010 09/09/2012
    COMMANDER I. SARAKIS 10/09/2012 15/04/2014
    COMMANDER M. DEMESTICHAS 16/04/2014 17/06/2015
    COMMANDER S. POLLATOS 18/06/2015 25/09/2016
    COMMANDER S. CHOZOS 26/09/2016 05/11/2017
    CAPTAIN CH. ALOGARIS 06/11/2017 28/07/2019
    COMMANDER I. SIGANOS 29/07/2019 -
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