I would like to find out (conditions/dates) how I can join the Hellenic Navy as a professional soldier (male/female). Occasionally are announced competitions of classification Professional Soldiers in the Hellenic Navy.

Information is given at the local military service offices and in the offices of National Defense. In Athens: Kolokotroni 13, telephone 210.3240306, in Thessalonica: Vas. Georgiou 1, telephones 2310.893378 and 2310.850060.For the rest of Greece please call 800.11.40.306.

I have served in the Hellenic Navy and need testimonial / certification proving this. Where can I get this information from?

You will have to contact the responsible military service office in the prefecture you belong.

I would like to find out if someone in the Navy at the duration of his military service can join the Underwater Demolition Command.Could you please give me indicative information on the performances that I will need to achieve in order to join the unit?

The law states that in order for someone to join the school of Underwater Demolition Command Submarine of Hellenic Command must be left with at least 12 months of military service to serve out of his total service. Consequently from 1/1/2004, with the reduction of military service in 12 months, no one (serving compulsory military service) in the Hellenic Navy can join the school of Underwater Demolitions Command. Thus in school of Underwater Demolitions Command can join only professional soldiers and permanent petty officers of Hellenic Navy as well as military personnel of other sectors of Greek Forces or Foreign States or personnel of Special Security Forces, with age restrictions, as it is determined with decisions of their sector or their state.

The records required in order for someone to join the school of Underwater Demolition Command are the following:

Run for 1 mile (1642 meters) in less than 7 minutes
Swimming 300 meters in swimming pool in less than 7 minutes
6 pull ups
20 push ups
20 abdominals
Vertical climbing of rope (4 meters) only with the hands

Can I find any optical, acoustic material (e.g. audio, video, shields, etc.) in the web page of Hellenic Navy?

In the web site of Hellenic Navy exist musical files (mp3) and other audio/visual material, which can be found in the unit "Audio/visual material".

Can women join Hellenic Navy?

Women can join Hellenic Navy via:
a) General Hellenic Examinations
b) As Professional Soldiers via competitions that are announced occasionally depending on the needs of Hellenic Navy

I am a person with special needs...can I still join Hellenic Navy?

Whoever wants to join Hellenic Navy must be healthy. He should be able to cope with the difficult situations and educations where they will be required.

Which departments of Hellenic Navy can somebody join via the general Hellenic examinations system?

Via the general Hellenic examinations somebody can join the Hellenic Naval Academy, the Military School of Combat Support Officers the Military School of Nursing Officers and the Military School of Permanent Officers of Hellenic Navy.

Can somebody join Hellenic Navy if he/she is suffering from stigma?

Somebody that suffers form the usual "stain of Mediterranean anemia" without serious condition of anemia can join the Hellenic Navy. However, in some cases of Mediterranean anemia (anemia mediocre or serious degree) will not be able to join.