Naval Tactical and Training School (NTTS)

Naval Tactical and Training School (NTTS)


        The Hellenic Naval Tactical Training School (HNTTS) was founded in 1963 on the premises of Kanellopoulos naval base and has since covered the training needs of the Fleet in naval tactics and operations.

        In 1978 the Hellenic Navy, in an effort to adopt cutting edge computer aided technology, decided to upgrade HNTTS with the acquisition of ASTT (Action Speed-Tactical Trainer) simulator by United Kingdom. In 1982, the simulator was installed to the current site of HNTTS. In 2010, the then outdated simulator was decommissioned.

        Nowadays, Hellenic Navy has developed and is constantly improving, a modern naval tactical trainer simulator with own resources, using COTS material. The new simulator provides an advanced tactical and procedural warfare training system, covering multi-threat scenarios, including all aspects of air and naval warfare with an emphasis to littoral warfare.  It provides Officers and Ratings with a realistic, up-to-date naval operations environment, in which the participants draw upon their theoretical knowledge and undertake naval operations in real-time for training purposes.

Location - Subordination

The HNTTS is directly subordinate to the Fleet Headquarters and is located adjacent to the Training Centre of Palaskas in Skaramagka.


            The mission of HNTTS can be specified as follows:

            a.         To train Naval Officers and Ratings in the tactics and procedures of Air and Maritime operations, by organizing and conducting relevant courses and seminars.  

            b.         To study, develop and recommend new tactics and procedures in the field of Naval Operations, to prepare and publish operational handbooks, doctrines and bulletins and to introduce new experimental tactics.

            c.         To consult and comment on Air and Maritime Operational Tactics issues.  

            d.         To analyze Maritime exercises and operations (at the tactical level) and provide conclusive assessments and lessons-learned.

Moreover HNTTS is responsible, by order of Higher Commands, for organizing and conducting special customer tailored courses (i.e. Air Controllers' school, Electronic Warfare school, PWO tactical simulator course), depending on currently available means and capabilities.

Activities - Objectives

            The activities of HNTTS are organized in three categories relative to its mission:

            a.         Tactical Training

            b.         Improvement of naval tactics  

            c.         Analysis of exercises and operations

The fundamental HNTTS aims and objectives are:

            a.         Concerning tactical training, the constant education of Naval Officers and Ratings in order to improve their combat efficiency and keep them able and ready to fight and win.

            b.         Concerning the improvement of naval tactics, to make use of the accumulated tactical knowledge and experience, to participate in Allied tactics working groups and to develop Experimental Tactics and Procedures.

            c.         Concerning the Analysis of Exercises, to collect and analyze after-action or post-exercise reports and statistical data, in order to publish and disseminate Lessons Learned-Lessons Identified, through usable reports and conclusive assessments.

Naval Tactical and Training School (NTTS)
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