Naval Command of Northern Greece (NCNG)

Naval Command of Northern Greece (NCNG)

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The Naval Command of Northern Greece (NCNG) is located in Thessaloniki, in the Municipality of Kalamaria and specifically in the region called Mikro Embolo or Karabournaki. The exact address is Themistokleous Sofouli 120. Generally, the base is located on the east side of the city and is oriented to the Northwest. Through the Thessaloniki Gulf overlooks from left to right Olympus (Prefecture of Imathia), the delta of the Axios, the commercial port and the city center (White Tower, castles). Also, to the left and on the same side of the bay are emerging regions of Perea, Agia Triada and the Cape Megalo Embolo, where there is also the ATC and the great lighthouse of the bay entrance.


NCNG Mission

The mission of NCNG today is a contribution to the Navy works in Peace and War, within its area of responsibility. More specifically, the NANG dealing with maritime surveillance, coastal defense, control and coordination of actions of various Port and other State bodies and services, ensuring Defense and Security from sea site. Also, represents Navy, requisitions, mobilization and recruiting of Navy, within its area of responsibility.


The area of responsibility NCNG

The area of responsibility NCNG is the sea area and the coast from the estuary of the river Evros (Greece - Turkey border) to Akrotiri Koutsoubos (approximately in the North edge of Mount Pelion). It also includes the island of Thassos.



  The NCNG reports directly to Fleet Headquarters (FH) with full regard for Administration, as indicated in the following chart, and is one of the main bodies of the Navy with which is performed, in the area of its responsibility, the maritime surveillance and coastal defense, the control and coordination of the actions of the various port and other public institutions and services, in order to ensuring the National Defense and Security as regards sea side.


In the jurisdiction of NCNG fall the Aggelochori Navy Fort and Old NCNG. Also, in the operational control of NCNG fall the port authorities which are within its responsibility area, which are listed below:

1. Central Port of Thessaloniki

2. Central Port of Kavala

3. Central Port of Alexandroupolis

4. Port of Ierissos

5. Second Port Department of Porto- Lagos

6. Second Port Department of Moudania

7. Third Port Department of Skala Katerini

8. The Port Stations of the above Port Authorities  


 The NCNG is generally consisting of:

1. The staff

2. Services and Combatant Ships (according to specific commands of FH)

3. Navy Echelon of Kavala (which triggered in case of war)




The NCNG has the operational control and administrative support of Navy’s units (boats, helicopters etc) that operate within the limits of NCNG liability or anchored in the port of Thessaloniki. Frequently activities are the supervising of marine and costal area, the clearance of mine and bomb that found, the maintenance of lighthouses network, the operations that Navy involves, and the realization of air defense fires and portable weapons.  

The NCNG operates the war mobilization system of Navy for its responsibility area.  With continuous contacts with local authorities, arrange for the organization of requisitioning and conscription, as well as for the preparation of active and passive defense infrastructure of coasts and ports. Also, represents the Navy to events with delegations of offices or/ and contingents of sailors.

The NCNG helps in coordination and provides support to National Parade and values performance segments of Navy, if they present in Thessaloniki.

The NCNG ensures the provision of port facilities to the allied nation battleships that anchored to Thessaloniki, within the SNMG- 2 or other missions.

The NCNG recognizing that is a part of Thessaloniki’s society is in constant contact, with a spirit and willingness to cooperate, with local state and cultural institutions. Tries, as permitted by operational requirements, to assist the above bodies in their work and is interested in keeping fervent and direct relationship with the society of Thessaloniki, to which feels it belongs.

In NCNG is seated the Regional Committee of Ports of Northern Greece (RCP/NG) which is subordinate service of Hellenic National Defense General Staff/SRMUP (ship reception/ militant utilization port). President of the RCP/NG is the Commander of NCNG and members as specified in the KOL of SRMUP. The RCP/NG is in control, the subordinate Port Committees (P.C.) through which it performs its task within the area of responsibility. Specifically these are the following: PC of Thessaloniki, PC of Kavala, PC of Alexandroupolis and PC of Porto Lagos.


Τhe first presence of the Navy in Thessaloniki, after the liberation from the Turks, dates back to 1926, when the coastal communications station was manned by men of Navy, in Depo area (today “Old NCNG”) in order to meet the responses  of merchant ships. Then, in 1934 this activity received at the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Transport and so the above station continued to operate meeting the communication needs of Navy exclusively. Later, in 1937 and in the area Megalo Embolo (Grand Karampourno) outside Thessaloniki, next to Angelochori (today “Aggelochori Transmission Center – ATC”), developed the Naval Ati-aircraft and Onshore Artillery with Nap / 3 title covering the  corresponding Naval Defense Region. After a few years and in particular in November 1940 recommended for the first time the Higher Administration of Northwest Aegean. This first era of NANG ends with the retreat of the Second World War, when Nap / 3 blasted and other facilities abandoned.

After the War, the year 1944 established the Naval Command / 2 in Samara mansion in the center of Thessaloniki, and on 02/01/1945 the Naval Command of Northern Aegean longer recommended, which is installed in the requisitioned “Majestic” hotel in the beach of Thessaloniki. At the same time, the communications station in Depo is operational again (today “Old NCNG”). Now the work of NCNA includes clearing the ports, landmines, dams, shipwrecks, etc., so that ports become exploitable, logging, construction and organization in general of naval defense infrastructure in its area of jurisdiction as well as surveillance and control of piracy,  navigation, smuggling and illegal fishing in the above area. Then, in 1951, the NCNA relocated on the Avenue Vassilissis Olgas 38 (School for the Blind Area, in New Beach) until 08/02/1960 which is transferred to the upgraded and extended facilities of Depo (today Old NCNG), because the main building the NANG on Vasilissis Olgas Street was demolished in order  to build the new seaside road. With this concentration at Depo the second era of NCNG is completed.

The current establishments of NCNG first appeared in drawings, in 1968 when it was forced expropriation of the relevant area in favor of NCNA in Mikro Embolo (Karabournaki - Kalamaria) of Thessaloniki. Then, in 1976 began the construction of the current building of NANG whose inauguration took place on 12/03/1979, and the normal operation began on 02/01/1980. Since then, the work of NCNA produced by the installations of the Mikro Embolo, while the Depo facilities, now Old NCNA, used for storage and supporting purposes. At the same time, the installation of the Megalo Embolo area (Angelochori) is activated again, which fully installed, modern communications relay station, the “Aggelochori Transmission Center –ATC”. Finally, on 07/20/1976 Naval Command of Northern Aegean (NCNA) renamed to Naval Command of Northern Greece (NCNG), after corresponding change of area of responsibility.




K. GIOKAS CAPTAIN 11/02/1944 12/02/1944
D. VALTINOS CAPTAIN 12/03/1944 12/14/1944
Ε. MPOUZANIS CAPTAIN 01/20/1945 01/23/1946
CHRIS. PAPAGIANNIS CAPTAIN 01/23/1946 12/01/1947
E. PAPAGEORGIOU COMMANDER 12/01/1947 01/22/1948
L. CHATZOPOULOS CAPTAIN 01/22/1948 11/24/1949
D. THEODOROU COMMANDER 11/24/1949 01/28/1952
G. KARVELIS CAPTAIN 01/28/1952 06/19/1952
Κ. DENEZAKOS COMMANDER 06/19/1952 11/01/1953
G. MORALIS COMMANDER 11/01/1953 12/08/1955
A. RALLIS CAPTAIN 12/08/1955 01/24/1959
G. DIMITRAKOPOULOS CAPTAIN 01/24/1959 11/06/1959
TH. NTEGIANIS LIEUTENANT 11/06/1959 02/06/1960
G. PAPAS CAPTAIN 02/06/1960 02/07/1961
S. NOTARAS CAPTAIN 02/07/1961 03/24/1964
CHRIS. SOULIOTIS CAPTAIN 03/24/1964 11/18/1965
D. PAPASIFAKIS COMMANDER 11/18/1965 12/28/1965
Μ. ΑGAPITOS COMMANDER 12/28/1965 03/29/1966
G. MORALIS CAPTAIN 03/29/1966 05/18/1967
J. KARATHANASIS COMMANDER 05/18/1967 07/31/1967
P. CHRISTODOULOU COMMANDER 07/31/1967 12/23/1967
P. MARINOS COMMANDER 12/23/1967 05/25/1970
P. KARANDREAS COMMANDER 05/25/1970 07/02/1970
P. KARANDREAS CAPTAIN 07/02/1970 08/05/1970
S. HASIOTIS COMMANDER 05/08/1970 09/01/1970
S. HASIOTIS CAPTAIN 09/18/1970 07/01/1971
D. TROUPAKIS COMMANDER 07/12/1971 09/02/1971
D. TROUPAKIS CAPTAIN 09/02/1971 06/26/1972
Α. ΑLEXANDRIS CAPTAIN 08/26/1972 08/13/1973
G. DIMITROPOYLOS CAPTAIN 08/13/1973 08/27/1974
TH. KAMARINEAS CAPTAIN 08/27/1974 03/19/1975
Ε. ΚΑPAVAS CAPTAIN 09/06/1975 11/01/1975
Μ. THEOFANIDIS - NIKODIMOU CAPTAIN 11/01/1975 11/05/1976
V. ZIKAS CAPTAIN 11/05/1976 07/24/1978
D. TZEVELEKIS CAPTAIN 07/25/1978 07/12/1980
Ε. ΚΑΝΑVARIOTIS CAPTAIN 07/12/1980 07/17/1981
Κ. PAPADOGIANNIS CAPTAIN 07/17/1981 12/06/1982
Κ. PAPADOGIANNIS COMMODORE 12/06/1982 03/03/1983
Κ. PAPADOGIANNIS REAR ADMIRAL 03/03/1983 04/08/1983
Ε. SERAFIMIDIS COMMANDER 04/08/1983 05/12/1983
Μ. STAVRIANAKIS CAPTAIN 05/12/1983 03/06/1984
Μ. STAVRIANAKIS COMMODORE 03/06/1984 05/11/1984
Ε. SERAFIMIDIS COMMANDER 05/11/1984 08/13/1984
Ε. ΚΑΝΑVARIOTIS COMMODORE 08/13/1984 08/23/1985
G. MAVROIDIS CAPTAIN 08/23/1985 07/16/1986
Κ. SOURBATIS COMMODORE 07/16/1986 08/16/1988
Η. ΑΝDRIOPOULOS COMMODORE 08/16/1988 06/13/1989
Η. ΑΝDRIOPOULOS COMMODORE 09/22/1989 05/19/1990
G. KIRIMIS CAPTAIN 06/14/1990 06/12/1992
Μ. VARDATIKAS COMMANDER 06/12/1992 06/29/1992
Μ. ΜΑSOURIDIS CAPTAIN 06/29/1992 03/11/1994
Α. STRATIS COMMANDER 03/12/1994 07/15/1994
J. EMMENOUILIDIS CAPTAIN 07/16/1994 08/30/1996
Κ. GKORTIS CAPTAIN 08/30/1996 06/28/1999
Α. PAPACHRISTODOULOU CAPTAIN 06/28/1999 04/11/2002
L. SOFRAS CAPTAIN 04/11/2002 03/17/2003
D. DIMITRIOU CAPTAIN 09/06/2003 06/10/2005
D. PEPPAS COMMANDER 07/12/2005 08/26/2005
G. KARAVITIS CAPTAIN 08/26/2005 03/21/2008
D. TSAILAS CAPTAIN 03/21/2008 03/13/2012
D. TSAILAS COMMODORE 03/13/2011 01/27/2012
CHRIS. PAVLOUDIS CAPTAIN 01/27/2012 03/03/2017
CHRIS. PAVLOUDIS COMMODORE 03/03/2017 03/28/2017
Naval Command of Northern Greece (NCNG)
Naval Commander of North Greece