The HNCI reports directly to Fleet Headquarters. The Command performs, in the responsibility area, the maritime surveillance and coastal defense, the control and coordination of the actions of the various port and other public institutions and services, in order to ensure Defense and Security therein.

In the HNCI's jurisdiction falls the Naval Restricted Area of Araxos.

The HNCI consists of:
1. The Staff
2. Warships operating   in the area of its ​​responsibility
3. The Naval  Officer in Charge of Corfu
4. Naval Observation Post   ΝO/Ρ ΚΕ 12A and NO/P  ΚΕ 15Β  and  the Naval Restricted Areas of Avliotes and Ag. Stefanos,   located in  Corfu island.
5. The Commander of HNCI has the sole jurisdiction over security issues in Naval Restricted Area of Araxos.

The HNCI exerts the naval police duties, concerning the staff of the Naval Broadcasting Center of Araxos.