Hellenic Naval Special Forces Command

Hellenic Naval Special Forces Command


Hellenic Naval Special Forces Command is one of the Commands of the Headquarters of the Navy Fleet.

  • Organisation of HELNAVSFCOM.
  • Captain P.  Nikolareas HN.
  • Former Commanders.

Οrganisation of HELNAVSFCOM

Commanding Officer of HELNAVSFCOM: Commander Georgios Stavroulakis HN

Old commanders of HELNAVSFCOM

Operations of HELNAVSFCOM during peace.

1. Participation in NATO-Allied operations ( Atlanta at the Indian Ocean)

2. Participation in  MIO(Maritime Interdiction Ops) .

3. Assistance in Search and Rescue operations.

4. Participation in Mine Hunting Operations.

5. Submarine crew rescue Operations.

6. Counterterrorism missions.


Social Projects  

1. Demonstrations to come into sight  the possibilities /activities of the IHR .

2. Neutralization of the explosive devices / ammunition that found at sea areas.

3. Diving activities that requires specific staff of the HN ( hauling munitions from lakes).



The HELNAVSFCOM is the Command which integrates SOF teams , Amphibious Reconessence Teams , EOD Teams (EOD), Fast Patrol Boats , and Underwater Vessels (UV), the Underwater Demolition School (UDS), and the Underwater Demolition Base (UDB) according to the Operation Planning and under the orders of  Hellenic Navy General Staff and Hellenic Fleet Command.

Secretary of HELNAVSFCOM phone# : 210-5531802