Hellenic Frigates Command

Hellenic Frigates Command

The Hellenic Frigates Command is one of the subordinate Commands of the Fleet Headquarters of the Hellenic Navy.

The Hellenic Frigates Command with its ships and staff constitutes the cutting edge of our Navy. The constant presence of its naval units in the Hellenic Seas, in the Eastern Mediterranean, as well as anywhere else demanded, is a safeguard guarantee of our national sovereignty, as well as demonstration of the Greek flag.

The Hellenic Frigates Command is one of the bigger Commands of the Hellenic Fleet, with seventeen naval units and 3500 men and women.The Frigates Command is found in the Salamis Naval Base. The Commander of the Frigates Command is always an Officer of the rank of Commodore.


The mission of the Hellenic Frigate Command is to act within the scope of the orders and directions of the CINC Fleet, for the organization, administration, operational training, maintenance and generally for the readiness and preparation for war of the ships, in order to contribute to the accomplishment of the mission or the tasks assigned to the CINC Fleet, as well as maintaining readiness of assuming operational tasks at sea.


The tasks assuming by the Hellenic Frigates Command in order to accomplish its mission are:

a. Presence in the Aegean Sea / Eastern Mediterranean and elsewhere demanded.

b. Participation in allied exercises/ NATO operations/ missions in the framework of imposition of UN decisions and preservation of national peace.

c. Maintenance / increase of the operational training and readiness level.

d. Preparation of new and revisal of old technical / tactical instructions


To the Hellenic Frigates Command belong 17 Ships, 14 Frigates and 3 General Support Ships.


For operational reasons as well as for reasons of administrative flexibility and training, the ships are divided in two (2) Frigates Squadrons (HELLFRIGRONs), to which belong by 7 Frigates, under the command of the two Comanders of the Frigates Squadrons (curriculum vitae of COMHELLFRIGRON1,COMHELLFRIGRON2), and in the The Hellenic Frigate Support Squadron (SS) , to which belong the 3 General Support Ships under the command of the Commander of the Support Squadron (curriculum vitae of CHSS).

The Commander of Frigates and the Commanders of Frigates Squadrons, are going to assume Operational Tasks at sea, having under their command other type of ships, besides Frigates, like Fast Patrol Boat Guided Missile, Amphibious Ships, Mine Counter Measures Vessels, etc, as Commanders Combined Strike Groups. Also they are going to assume operational tasks as Commanders of the Immediate Reaction Force ( 'Delta' Force) , in which units from all Hellenic Armed Forces participate.

Finally in the Hellenic Frigates Command depends also the Frigates School.

Former Commanders and Chiefs of Staff of COMHELFRIG

Hellenic Frigates Command