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Passing Exercise of Hellenic Navy Units with SNMG2

Passing Exercise of Hellenic Navy Units with SNMG2

Sep 18, 2017

        On Wednesday 13th September 2017, a co-operation among units of the Hellenic Navy and units of the Naval Forces of Standing NΑΤΟ Maritime Group 2 (SNMG2) was conducted in the sea area to the north and northwest of Crete.

        The Hellenic Navy participated with the frigate HS KOUNTOURIOTIS, while the Allied Forces took part with the frigate HS LΙMNOS, the English destroyer HMS DUNCAN, the ship of the Commander of SNMG2, Commodore James Morley Royal Navy, and the French frigate FS LA FAYETTE.

        The cooperation focused on technical/tactical air defense exercises, electronic warfare, communication, refueling and advanced maneuvering exercises. It also enhanced the operational capabilities and readiness of all participants and promoted the cooperation and mutual understanding among participants at Allied level.