Chiefs of European Navies meeting CHENS 2017

Chiefs of European Navies meeting CHENS 2017

May 17, 2017

        From Thursday May the 11th to Friday May the 12th, the HNGS Chief, Vice Admiral Nikolaos Tsounis HN participated in the Chiefs of European Navies (CHENS) meeting, which was organized by the German Navy in Hamburg, Germany.

        The CHENS is an informal forum, which aims for the exchange of views among the Chiefs of European Navies and the promotion of cooperation among its members. Navies of each European maritime Nation, which is either a member of EU or NATO, participate in the meeting, and the observers are the Administration of the U.S. Naval Forces Europe/Africa – NAVEUR/NAVAF, the NATO International Military Staff – IMS, the EU Military Staff – EUMS, and the Allied Maritime Command (MARCOM).

        On the first day of the meeting, the HNGS Chief had consecutive meetings with his counterparts of Romania, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy and Turkey, and on the second day he had short - period meetings with the Chiefs of the Slovenian, Croatian and Albanian Navy.

        This year's meeting included topics of “Demography and human resource management”, “High - tech at sea and human resource management”, “Tackling Defence, Deterrence and Crisis Management: Continuing prioritization or squaring the circle. Chens’ approaches and experiences to meet expectations with a single set of forces”, “The Sea as theatre of hybrid war. Examples, Parallels, Predictions” and our navies – a capable and competitive employer”.

        The CHENS 2018 is going to take place in Helsinki, under the presidency of the Finnish Navy.