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Exercise “NOBLE DINA 2018”

Exercise “NOBLE DINA 2018”

Apr 02, 2018

        From March 19nd to 29th 2018, in the context of multinational cooperation with Eastern Mediterranean Partners and the USA and with the objective to promote regional stability and security, the Hellenic Navy (HN) participated in the trilateral naval exercise, titled “NOBLE DINA 2018”, along with the Navies of the USA and Israel, with ships, submarines, maritime patrol aircrafts and helicopters. The Navy of Cyprus participated, under observer status.

        The exercise was conducted in the wider area of the Cretan Sea and Eastern Mediterranean, and it included activities at the facilities of NATO Maritime Interdiction Operational Training Centre (NMIOTC) at Souda Naval Base and at the Naval Base of Haifa.

        The main objects concerned the co-training of the three Navies in the field of Maritime Security in order to tackle present and future challenges in the maritime environment. The exercise promoted the mutual understanding and cooperation among the participants, at a multinational operational and tactical/technical level and contributed to the reinforcement of operational and combat ability as well as the readiness of the participants.