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    The sign of the gunboat HS ARMATOLOS describes a former ship of the same type using sails, with a cross and a sword crossing above the ship. The picture symbolizes the fight for “The Christianity and the Motherland” which was held by the crew of the Hellenic ships during the War for Independence in 1821. .

  • Ship’ s Characteristics
    Max length: 54.75 m
    Max width: 10.50 μ
    Max Draught: 2.55 μ
    Displacement: 516 tonnes
    Max speed: 22 knots
    Max range: 2000 nm
    Personnel: 61 people.
    Main Engines : Two DIESEL MTU - 16 V 1163 TB 63
    Electric Generators: Two Main generators MERCEDES - BENZ OM 424 12 V 183 AA 51 (240 KW ) and one Emergency MERCEDES-BENZ OM 422 (169 KW).
    RHIB : One Fost 4,2 m with one engine 50 ΗΡ (speed 40 knots).

    1 OTOMELARA 3'' (76mm)/62
    1 OTOBREDA 40mm/70
    2 RHEIMENTALL 20mm
    30 MINES MK 6
    20 MINES MK18
    12 MINES MK 55

    Radar DECCA 1690
    Radar ΟΡΙΟΝ 10XP
    Radar TRITON

    ESM / DR 2000 ARIAL/51
    Fire Control System ΝΑ 21 MOD 0
    Optical Fire Control System PANDA MOD 0 + BU

    Officers: 7
    Petty Officers: 37
    Men of Special Forces: 16
  • Gunboat HS ARMATOLOS is the first of a family of two gunboats (ARMATOLOS - ΝΑVΜΑCHΟS) which were constructed under the management of the Hellenic Shipyards Co. according to the design of the Danish company DANYARD for the ships of the type OSPREY - 55 ( Offshore Vessel Patrol - OVP ).The launch of the ship took place in March 1990.The first ship named “ARMATOLOS” was a corvette PT-42 which was constructed in 1948 and remained in service until 1976. She named “ARMATOLOS” to honor the fighters of Greek independence war of 1821.