Lieutenant Commander Spyridon Orfanos HN

Lieutenant Commander Spyridon Orfanos HN

Lieutenant Commander Spyridon Orfanos HN was born in Patras in 1976. He was enrolled in the Hellenic Naval Academy in 1995 and was commissioned as Ensign in 1999.

Record of billets, training and specialized courses

He attended the Junior Officer General Course, thus specializing in Anti-Submarine Warfare and Navy Staff Officers College.

He has also attended the following courses:  Helicopter Flight Deck Officer (FDO), Principal Warfare Officers (PWO), MCM EXPERT and AWNIS courses of the EGUERMIN (Belgium) Naval Mine Warfare School.

Sea/Surface Warfare Officer Career

He has served as Assistant Director of Operations in  HS IPEIROS (1999-2001), Assistant Director of Navigation in HS IKARIA (2001-2002), Director of Operations and Gunnery Department in HS Europe (2003-2007), Director of Operations in HS DOXA (2007-2008) and CIC Officer in HS SALAMIS (2009-2011).

He served as Executive Officer in HS NIKI (2008-2009) and HS IKARIA (2016-2018).

He has assumed duties of Commanding Officer of HS EVROPI since DEC 20th of 2018.



Other Duties - Staff Officer Career

From 2011 to 2012, he served as Director of the Mine Wave Data Center (MWDC) and Deputy Director of the Naval Minewarfare School.

From 2012 to 2016 he served in Hellenic Navy General Staff (Operations department).

Decorations and Medals

He has been honored with medals and awards corresponding to his rank.

He has been awarded the Medal of Operation «ATALANTA".


Speaking Languages

Lieutenant Commander Spyridon Orfanos HN speaks English.